Norway Chess Open Masters and Elo

Friday May 24Registration
Round 1 
14.00 –16.00
Saturday May 25Round 2
Round 3 
Sunday May 26Round 4
Round 5 
Monday May 27Round 616.30
Tuesday May 28Round 7 16.30
Wednesday May 29Round 8 16.30
Thursday May 30Round 9 10.00   
Thursday May 30Prize ceremony ASAP after 15.00

Regulations and time control

Norway Chess Open will include one GM group which is available for players with an ELO of at least 1800 (in the official FIDE lists from February, March, April or May 2024) – plus, one ELO group which is available to all tournament players.  

Both groups will see a 9 rounds Swiss tournament. Starting with registration and round 1 on Friday May 24th, finishing off with round 9 and prize giving ceremony on Thursday May 30th.

The tournament following this will include nine rounds in seven days. Players finding this schedule too hard are welcome to request a walk-over draw for one or two games within the first seven rounds. Note however, that participants in the GM group must play all nine rounds if they want to make title norms possible.  

Time Control

Time control in Norway Chess Open are the FIDE standard with 90 minutes for 40 moves and then 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with a 30 seconds increment from move 1.
A player still not present in the playing venue after 60 minutes will forfeit the game (unless the arbiters due to extraordinary and known circumstances decides otherwise). A number of games will be transmitted live with a 15 minutes delay. 

Arbiters Master Class
Chief Arbeiter: IA Hans Olav Lahlum
Deputy Arbeiter: TBA
Deputy Arbeiter: TBA

Arbiters ELO Class
Chief Arbeiter: IA Hans Olav Lahlum
Deputy Arbeiter: TBA
Deputy Arbeiter: TBA

Norway Chess Weekend Tournament

For players eager to play more than 9 rated games in Stavanger, we will this year also offer a shorter rounds Open tournament named Norway Chess Weekend 2024 – starting the day after last round of Norway Chess Open, June 31st. Norway Chess Weekend will play 5 rated rounds between May 31st and June 2nd.  

Time Control
90 minutes for the entire game with an additional 30 seconds per move.

Group division
Group A open to all. Group B open only to players under 1880 (NGP class 2 and lower).

Number of rounds/playing system
5 rounds Swiss.

Group A 400-250-150 Euro.

Group B 150-100-50 Euro.

Entry fees
40 Euro for juniors (born 2004 or later)
60 Euro for others.
Entry fee includes admission as a spectator to the super tournament.

Friday, May 31:
Registration 15-17.
1st round 18.00.

Saturday, June 1:
2nd round 09.00.
3rd round 14.00.

Sunday, June 2:
4th round 09.00.
5th round as soon as possible after 13.30.

Prize giving as soon as possible after 17.30.

Register here.