Participants are required to register for the tournament via Turneringsservice, at latest May 15 at 23.00 hours. Later registrations will be accepted only if we still have sufficient space in the playing venue. Entry fees can be paid during the registration Friday May 24th, before the pairings of round 1. Following this you are not required to pay anything before arrival.

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Entrance-fee Masters

W /Grand Master / International MasterFree
ELO Over 2400 Free
ELO between 2300–2399EUR 100
WIM titleEUR 100
ELO of 2150-2299EUR 150
ELO below 2150 EUR 200
Players born 2004 or later EUR 20 discount

Entry fees in the GM group are free for players with a GM, IM or WGM title, and for other players with an ELO of at least 2400 in the official rating list of May 2024. Other players with an ELO of 2300–2399 and players with a WIM title will pay 100 Euros, while players with an ELO of 2150-2299 pay 150 Euros and players with an ELO below 2150 pay 200 Euros. Players born 2004 or later will get a 20 Euros junior discount on the entry fee.

Entrance-fee ELO

Age groupFee
All players (except see below)EUR 100
Players born in 2004 or afterEUR 80

Entry fees in the ELO Group are 80 Euros for players born 2004 or later and 100 Euros for all other players.

All participants in the Norway Chess Open will get a free ticket to follow the games of the Norway Chess Super Supertournament and Norway Chess Women’s Tournament.

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